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Rental Agreement Between DiDi and the Renter

DiDi here by rents to the Renter named on the reverse, the vehicle described on the reverse hereof and the Renter hereby rents said vehicle from DiDi, subject to all of the terms and conditions contained herein.

  1. The condition, free of physical damage except as noted on the Vehicle Check Sheet at the time of rental. Renter will return vehicle to DiDi together with all tires, tools, accessories and equipment, in the same condition as when received, on the date and to the DiDi office specified on the reverse side hereof. Renter is responsible for vehicle until inspected by an employee of DiDi Car Rental and Sales.
  2. Renter agrees that the vehicle shall not be used, operated or driven:
    1. in violation of any provisions of the law
    2. in a reckless or imprudent manner
    3. for purpose of towing or propelling any trailer or other vehicle
    4. outside of British Columbia without the written consent of DiDi
    5. by any person except Renter and drivers authorized in writing by DiDi, as known on the reverse side hereof while licensed to drive
    6. by any person whose liability to drive is impaired by alcohol or drug (refusal to perform any test of impairment when lawfully requested to do so is evidence of such impairment), medical conditions, drowsiness or fatigue
    7. by any person engaging in a race, speed test or road test, contest, training activity or stunt with the rented vehicle.
  3. Renter shall be liable to all traffic and parking violations and agrees to pay DiDi an additional charge of $50.00 for administration for each unpaid violation.
  4. Renter shall be fully responsible liable for all loss of, or damage to the rented vehicle
  5. The Renter’s signature on the face of this contract authorizes DiDi to process a credit card voucher, for the credit cards shown on the face of the contract, for charges payable to DiDi under this agreement. The Renter agrees that charges on this agreement are subject to final audit. Charges for refueling are estimates and subject to change when the tank is refilled. The Renter authorizes DiDi to debit and credit the Renter’s credit card account with any amount resulting from an adjustment with respect to any charges, including errors of calculation and damage. Renter is liable for any amounts not paid by their insurer (rental, damage or otherwise).
  6. The terms and conditions contained in this rental agreement may not be modified or waived except by DiDi in writing.
  7. DiDi shall not be liable for loss or damage to any property left or stored in the vehicle. Renter hereby assumes all risk of such loss or damage and waives all claims against DiDi.
  8. If the vehicle is unavailable for rental due to damage or loss, including vehicle impotent, which is wholly or partially the responsibility of the Renter, the damage or loss shall include liquidated damages payable to DiDi in an amount equal to the regular daily rental rate for the vehicle for each day that the vehicle is unavailable for rental. Administration fee will be applied to all damage claims. Under $1000 = $30, over $1000 = $60.
  9. The vehicle shall not be left unattended unless the windows have been closed, the doors and trunk locked and the keys removed. If the vehicle is missing or stolen and Renter does not return the keys to DiDi at the time of the incident, Renter is totally responsible for loss of, or damage to, the vehicle. All accidents, missing or stolen vehicles must be reported in writing to DiDi within 24 hours. In case the vehicle is stolen, the renter must file a stolen vehicle report with the appropriate police department within 24 hours and provide DiDi with a copy of the report.
  10. Interest, calculated at 24% per annum or 2% per month will be charged on overdue accounts and recoverable damage amounts.
  11. No unpaved road or off-road use. 
  12. Additional cleaning fee of $50 may be charged upon vehicle return.
  13. Renter may not eligible for discount by return the car early.
  14. Renter are fully responsible for their parking tickets and any violation fines.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) - This is not an insurance Policy

Under the terms of the Rental Agreement, in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle, you are responsible for up to the full value of such loss or damage, plus costs. When you accept the optional LDW from DiDi rental, your financial responsibility will be reduced to the amount which appears on the other side of this agreement subject to the paragraph immediately below. However you must not breach any provision of the rental agreement. The daily charge for LDW is stated on the front of the rental agreement. If you accept LDW this charge will be added to your rental for each rental day, or portion thereof, during the rental period. Loss Damage waiver does not cover damage caused to tires, rims, wheels if that is the only damage caused. It does not cover damage to the interior of the vehicle, deliberate damage, or damage caused to the underside, including without limitation the oil pan and transmission and gas tank or damage caused as a result of vehicle abuse. LDW does not cover damage caused to truck box due to insufficient height or width clearance or incorrect loading or load shift.


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